The Many Uses of Glow Sticks: Beyond Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Published: 04th May 2011
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Glow sticks are unique. They may be most commonly used to make glow in the dark bracelets and glow in the dark necklaces for parties, but the characteristics which make them great fun in clubs make them indispensable in many other areas. Glow stick technology works when the separated fluorophores contained inside the glass or plastic tubes inside the glow stick are combined, to create a process called ‘chemiluminescence’ as the photons of coloured light are released. Below, some of the most popular ways of using this technology are listed.

Glow in the dark in the military. When you think about glow sticks, it’s easy to see that they’re unique. Their main ‘plus point’ is their lack of any need for an external source of energy, which allows them to slip past the usual dangers, complications and limitations associated with using electricity. This means that glow sticks are not fire hazards, as the light released is the product of a chemical process, not fire or energy stimulation. It makes glow sticks the only light source completely safe for use during a natural disaster or bomb threat, because they are the only light source with no risk of explosion. As if that wasn’t enough, glow sticks are cheap, waterproof, and can tolerate extremely high pressure. Your glow in the dark bracelets may not look like a piece of innovative technology, but in fact that’s how glow sticks started their journey into popularity.

The journey of the glow stick is a long one. You may not believe it at first, but glow sticks were first invented by various scientists working in labs connected to the US Navy! Glow in the dark bracelets look cool and light up a party, but those little glow in the dark sticks actually have the potential to help out war ships, emergency services, and the armed forces to see in the dark. The glow sticks used by the army, emergency services and divers aren’t brightly coloured, of course, but emit a clear white light: the perfect illumination for emergency lighting.

Glow in the dark in the home. Because glow sticks don’t need to be connected to an electrical source, they are very energy efficient, and many people use them as a way to be good to the planet. Also, of course, the unique nature of glow stick light can make you feel as if the party is getting started wherever you find it. Many manufacturers now use this remarkable technology to create a whole range of furnishings and accessories.

UV or fluorophore lights are readily available for a unique lighting system within the home. Coming in many different shapes – from Chinese lanterns to chandeliers to lights shaped like flowers or angels – lighting for the home or garden often uses glow in the dark technology.

In addition, many manufacturers provide glow in the dark furniture. Tables in particular – whether they’re coffee tables, side tables, or kitchen tables – are good for illumination, as they provide a broad surface for the glow in the dark illumination to shine through. However, glow in the dark furniture including clocks, chairs, mirrors and even fish tanks are also available. A lot of glow in the dark furniture incorporates an image, parts of which light up: for instance, you can buy a canvas ‘painting’ of a lamp, which quickly illuminates itself at the touch of a remote!

So if you love your glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, you can take your pick from the wide range of other glow in the dark furnishings available – to make sure that even when you get home, the party never stops.

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